Gold Jewelry in Plant Kingdom

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Gold Jewelry in Plant Kingdom

I. Plant Type Characteristics

Scotland golden chain tree is a famous landscape tree species in Europe, belonging to the genus Papilionaceae poisonous bean. it has strong sprouting power and fast growth. its annual growth rate is about 100cm, reaching 1.5m~2m in Zhejiang area, and is light-loving. Scottish golden chain tree can adapt to various soils, including clay or barren saline-alkali soil, has strong air pollution resistance, has a spreading crown, small liana trees, cold resistant (-25℃), flowering period may-July, yellow. At the turn of spring and summer, clusters of inflorescences droop and golden florets are linked like gold chains. It is beautiful. Bark gray, thick scaly cracking. Leaves opposite, broadly ovate to ovate-elliptic, 15cm-30cm long, 10cm-20cm wide, abaxially white pilose. Panicle terminal, corolla white, slightly skewed, lower lip lobe slightly concave, inner surface with 2 yellow veins and light purple brown spots. The flower color is as yellow as gold, and the inflorescence is 30cm-45cm long. The fruit is 9cm-50cm long and 1.5cm wide. When it is mature, it has 2 valves and a peel. Seeds oblong, flat, over 3mm wide, with long hairs on both ends. Flowering period may, fruit period September. In Europe, it is known as an elf and is suitable for landscape promenades, tourist attractions and park greening with strong decorative effect. It can also be decorated on lawns or beside rocks for individual viewing. It originated in the central United States and is widely cultivated in China.

II. Key Cultivation Points

Its adaptability is strong, it likes light and is tolerant to half shade. Strong resistance to diseases and pests. It is easy to cultivate and has high transplanting survival rate, even for big trees. The root of Scottish golden chain tree has rhizobia, which can fix nitrogen, promote the growth of trees and the growth of surrounding plants. The propagation of the golden chain tree is mainly based on sowing and propagation, and can be drilled in low beds in the middle and late March. seeds are soaked and mixed with sand before sowing to accelerate germination. the seeds need to be treated with sulfuric acid for 15-30 minutes or hot water before sowing. Sowing depth is 0.6cm, covering the flat bed.

III. Market Prospect

Gold chain tree is a very popular garden plant in the west and is widely planted in Europe and America. It is suitable for greening the landscape corridor, and can also be decorated on lawns or beside stones for independent viewing. It has strong decorative effect and is also suitable for being used as street trees. Gold chain trees are hard enough to make musical instruments. The seeds contain an alkaloid called wild indoline (also called cytisine), which is toxic. Both the south and north gardens in our country can be applied and popularized and have great popularization value.


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