Story about Interviewing Skills: Don't Sell Jewelry Boxes to Examiners

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Not long ago, my company organized a recruitment, because an examiner suddenly fell ill, so I temporarily replaced him to check the interview. When I arrived at the company in the rain, the interview had already started and many young people were waiting outside the meeting room. Because I walked too fast, I nearly fell at the door of the conference room, and the information in my hand dropped all over the floor. A young man came up to help at once. He politely helped me pick up the papers on the ground, quickly tidied them up and handed them to me with both hands. I thanked him at once. The young man smiled and shook his head. Then he handed me a piece of paper, saying that it must be raining hard outside. Teacher, your shoes are wet. I looked down and saw that my shoes were really wet, so I took the paper and wiped them. then I pushed the door and walked into the meeting room. in my heart, I was really grateful to this elegant and thoughtful young man.

Story about Interviewing Skills: Don't Sell Jewelry Boxes to Examiners

Soon it was the young man's turn to interview. Because of the intersection a few minutes ago, I paid special attention to him and couldn't help looking at him more.

I saw him dressed appropriately in his business attire, paying great attention to etiquette when raising his hand and casting his foot. He was also eloquent and his brain became active. When the examiner asked questions about his work attitude, personal planning and salary, his department answered them like clockwork. He was modest and knew how to cope with changes. He could see that he had worked hard before the interview.

However, when the examination questions involved in professional fields, his performance was obviously inferior. He was not familiar with some professional terms, and he also knew little about many technical problems, and his answers were halting. Obviously, he has no experience in related fields, unlike the one-year internship in similar companies mentioned on his resume. Faced with my doubts, the young man sincerely explained that he was only responsible for some minor technical affairs in the previous company, and there was indeed a lack of ability, but he had strong learning ability and was confident of upgrading his skills in the shortest possible time, hoping that the examiners would give him a chance. At the end of the interview, the young man bowed and thanked the examiners and straightened the chairs.

In contrast, the latter interviewee was somewhat wooden and stiff in answering the examiner's questions, but his professional standard was quite high and his skills were very well established. Of course, he is also very confident about his qualifications.Even showed a little snobbery.

After the interview, the examiners soon finalized the admission result: the candidate with the best ability and the fastest problem solving got the relevant position, while the modest and polite young man was eliminated. The reason is that the company needs people to do things, so of course, it is necessary to choose the one with the fastest and highest efficiency.

At the end of the day, I met the young man again in the hall on the first floor. It turned out that he was waiting for me to leave work here specially to find out the inside information of the interview. He earnestly said that he particularly liked the job and hoped to get a trial and not get paid for the time being. I told him that I had no right to decide this kind of thing, and it was not in line with the company's regulations to enter the job in this way. watching the young people disappointedly leave, the story of buying models and returning pearls came to my mind: a man had a priceless pearl. in order to sell beads, he carefully made a beautiful jewelry box, smoked with sour fragrance, carved with exquisite patterns and decorated with fragrant flowers and jadeite. Later, the beautiful box attracted customers, who bought the box but returned the pearl. This is a good deal for the seller. However, such a story will never happen in the workplace, because for the recruiter, the most useful thing will always be the pearl (the professional ability of the job seeker), while the jewelry box (conditions and performance other than professional skills) will always be an accessory. The high quality of the box is of course good, but it is difficult to become the decisive condition for business.

At present, too many people constantly emphasize factors other than working ability, misleading the new comers in the workplace. Etiquette and attitude are of course very important in interviews, but they are by no means a magic weapon for job seekers. For job seekers, it is really useful to produce a valuable pearl. If all one's energy is spent on selling jewelry boxes to the interviewer, the result will be 100% unsatisfactory, because the interviewer is often the most astute customer.


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